5 Facebook Ad Creatives To Inspire

Your Facebook ad creative will make or break the performance of your ad. Whatever ad format you end up using, it will be the image or video that will be taking up the majority of users’ screens. Just because it’s easy to set up an ad on the platform doesn’t mean you can just put anything on it. Making it eye-catching and interesting enough for people to engage with will help boost your ad performance and drive conversions. 

Of course, this differs per person. That’s why it’s also crucial to test and experiment with different ads so you can see what is and isn’t working. You may have an attractive offer and description, but if you can’t get people to click or even just look, you’re setting it up for failure.

Thankfully it’s not a dead end as there are different ways to go about it. Constantly testing and optimising will eventually help you find your winning solution to set up nothing but effective Facebook ads.

Here we will show you the essentials and examples of Facebook ads to inspire you upon creation.


Facebook Ad Structure Overview


We’ve highlighted the targeting enough, so we wouldn’t dive into it too much now. Having your ideal target audience and creating buyer personas will help you communicate and engage with them. Knowing how they talk, they absorb advertisements will give you an idea how to set up your ad. Are they visual people? Use compelling photos. Are they boomers and would like to see a demo of your product? Highlight it or use a video. Targeting is already specific, but once you get into their heads, how they think and perceive things, this will help you create an ad for them which they won’t be able to resist to click.


Text Copy

What is the ad all about?

In relation to your target audience, once you get an idea of what engages them and how to capture their interest, this will help you communicate with them. The text description is a staple requirement whatever Facebook ad format you end up choosing. The text copy is there, so you can give a more detailed description of your offer or message. It should be informative and at the same time interesting for users to clearly understand your ad.


Objective and Call To Action

Your ad objective should support your strategy. Whether you are aiming for app installs, sign-ups, or sales for your ad campaign, Facebook makes it easy to set up depending on your campaign objective. It’s also worth mentioning that the call-to-action button is the main action you want your target audience to do. It’s also the button that encourages them to click on your ad. 

We have listed the highly-used and highly-effective CTAs below:


Media Creative

It’s the ad creative that grabs your attention when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed. It can either win you a click or it’s an opportunity lost. Facebook ad creation is so easy to set up that everyone is doing it – now how do you stand out from that immense clutter of ads? To reach people effectively, ads should convey quickly and visually. It’s also the ad creative that helps users recall your ad, and more likely to get traffic and conversions. With the right creative, you can get the right impact quickly. Not only do you have to create a compelling message for your ad, but that attention-grabbing visual copy you use will get users actually interested in your ad. If you are interested to know more about visuals and different combinations that work, click here to know more about it.

Now, do you see how everything just flows and relates together? We have highlighted this on our Golden Funnel and cannot stress tailoring and aligning your strategy enough. This is a good direction to take as all your marketing efforts will support your business goal and you can grow it in no time.

5 Facebook Ads We Clicked

1. Shopify

This ad by Shopify is one example of a good creative. With a single image, they were able to convey that it’s easy to sell and set up a shop on their platform. No fuss, simple, use Shopify.


2. Athos

Amidst of the fact that there are a lot of health trackers now, Athos showed a demonstration of their product. Instead of just choosing to show their product’s screen, there was more essence to it with the guy exercising with it. Just with this image they were able to showcase not only their product but its performance as well.


3. Slack

Slack’s ad is clear, concise, and on-brand. Slack is known for project management and keeping things organised so highlighting a benefit of using their platform is a good way to promote it. Their brand logo is also evidently seen and the colours used are in line with their brand. This makes it easy to digest and understand that it’s a Slack ad.


4. Canva

Canva is a known platform to help with design with no requirement of being a designer. They are able to illustrate different visuals that can be done on their platform by compiling these to a single image ad. Even though it’s a collage style ad, it doesn’t look cluttered and is still easy to understand. Their text copy is also clear and easily readable.


5. Nike

Nike has always been known to be straightforward. Over the years they were able to build their brand so you can easily tell if it’s a Nike ad you see. In this ad, they simply advertised their current offer with their big Nike logo on top. The description was also short and on-point as they gave the offer code with the date of this sale. All the essentials listed down, and it works.


No One Size Fits All Solution

There is no one specific way to guarantee your Facebook ad’s success. Given the different businesses, brand stories, products, and offerings, there’s no one size fits all solution in running Facebook ads. This can also be a good thing as you can control and learn in your own way – which is valuable to your industry and your specific business

We hope this guide was able to provide you more insight with your Facebook ad campaigns so you can be more confident in implementing it as part of your strategy. If you need help or have other questions, feel free to book a discovery call with us.